Behind the Fence

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It's a Working Garden

Nothing like a pending visit from a garden club to move the garden clean-up to the top of the priority list!

Yesterday there was a 60% chance of rain so I headed to the garden before breakfast, thinking I could get a few chores done and eat when the rain started. By noon, I was famished, so I took a break and ate breakfast. No rain yet, so I headed back to the garden. By 4:30, I was one tired gardener! (Still no rain.) All though it is far from the pristine state of a year ago when it was spruced up for Artin the Garden,  it does look more like a working garden and less like a neglected garden.
Winter was really hard on the potager. It took some plants, like my rosemary tree and lavender hedge. I thought the fig trees had bit the dust also,


but on further inspection there is nice new growth on the bottoms of the trees


The strawberry tower didn’t perform as well and needs some repairs and refurbishing with compost.

 But there is a nice crop near the previous strawberry bed.

The new double rain barrels are not holding water (probably because I forgot to open the spigot and drain the barrel, which caused the zero temperatures to do some kind of freeze and expansion thing. (I don’t think Handy Randy is very happy with me about this,)
With a few more tweaks, I will welcome the garden club to tour my garden on Tuesday.


  1. Replies
    1. Much better than when you were here last month, Roxanne!

  2. It's so organized! I love your cottage and green house, too. I thought my fig tree was dead, too, but have leaves coming just like yours.

    1. You should stop in sometime, Rachel. (You probably won't find it as organized as it looks!)