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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Symbol of Survival

Planted in the spring of 2008, the Peggy Martin rose on my arbor is blooming profusely.

The rose has an interesting story of survival. In 2003 Dr. William Welch, a horticulturist from Texas A & M, visited Peggy Martin at her home in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, While there he took several cuttings from a beautiful old pink rose. Later, he was saddened to hear his friend Peggy had lost her parents as well as her home and garden in Hurricane Katrina. However when Peggy was allowed to return to the site of her home, she was surprised to see the rose had survived, even after spending 2 weeks under salt water.

To assist in the rebuilding of gardens in Louisiana, Dr. Welch has propagated the rose and has made it available in several nurseries across the south, including Petals from the Past and Antique Rose Emporium. From the sale of each rose $1 is given to garden restoration in the New Orleans area.

You can read the entire story of the Peggy Martin Rose here.

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