Behind the Fence

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A little late for the party, but Peggy Martin is welcome just the same. Usually she is in full bloom on Mother’s Day; with a cooler spring than usual, she is just now coming into full bloom. If you were hoping to see her at the Art in the Garden tour and were a bit disappointed, please come back. She is a gorgeous rose with a very interesting history on her web site,

From the Deck

                                                                                                   From the Guest Room

The poppies are also in full bloom. You can read about their history in an earlier post, Poppy Tribute. A frequently asked question is when to plant the seed. That depends, if we have a mild winter it is best to plant in the fall. However, if the winter is severe, an early spring planting would be better. Stop by the potager and I will give you enough seeds to plant a few in the fall and again in the spring. Once you have a successful planting, you will have plenty of seed. They self sow and are quite prolific.

I welcome folks to visit my garden at any time. No worries if I am not at home, my neighbors are used to people in my garden. If you want a “guided tour” I am in the potager most mornings that it is not raining. On Tuesday evenings, Randy and I are usually having a glass of wine with “drop-in” friends on the patio between 5 and 7. We call it Tipsy Tuesday, but no one ever gets tipsyJ We would love for you to join us, and of course, take a peek at the garden.

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Potager at its Best


If you were not able to be here for the garden tour on Sunday, I will be happy to take you on a pictorial tour of the potager. Of course it was in pristine condition for the tour, but that is rapidly fading as it returns to being a working garden.
Come with me

through the hummingbird and butterfly garden

into the potager.


Annoyed with inspirational messages, like hope, dream, believe, I created my own.


Fig Trees


From the back of the potager.
A tent to keep birds out of the blueberries (from Gardeners Supply.)

If you are in our neighborhood, please stop by. I am most often in the garden and quite happy to take a break to visit. More than likely you will leave with a cutting, some seeds or a plant.
Photos by Mark McCoy




Monday, May 6, 2013

Almost Ready

In spite of rain and with long hours, I think the garden is almost ready for the Art in the Garden tour on Mother’s Day.

There is a hole in the fence behind the compost bins that will have to be addressed. A tree in the fence row was removed by our neighbor earlier this year. While I am happy to have more sun in the potager, it does create a bit of an issue for the garden tour.


I made a new curtain for the sink; I laid it on the edge of the sink while I removed the curtain rod, accidently knocked it into the sink which was getting stains bleached. Now it has a bleached square. One of my artist friends tried to convince me it looked “artsy,” however I have enough material I will make another panel and replace the bleached area.

Still have a number of pots to wash and put away.

The potting shed looks good (until you peek behind it.) Cleaning behind it and the greenhouse is on the “to do” list.


Two of the fairy houses have been painted. The other two will be painted today, since it is rainy and I can’t work outside.


Rain is predicted for today and tomorrow. That means I will be putting in long hours the remainder of the week! I am fortunate to have great friends than have offered to help.

If you are in the area on Sunday, please stop by, 3223 Buckner Lane, between 2 and 5 p.m. for a garden tour and visit with local artists. You may even fine the perfect art for your garden in the art auction!