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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Rose Propagation Tip

I know, I said this blog was in hibernation, but I did want to share this tip. On an unusual mild day in Paducah this week, I puttered a bit the yard; I was really excited to see these rose cuttings have rooted.
Knock-Out Rose

Peggy Martin

Monday, December 2, 2013


This blog is basically in hibernation during the winter months, but I want to share with you the fruit cage my husband built for the fig trees.

I have a Lemon Fig and an Alma Fig that are sensitive to sub-freezing temperatures. While a freeze will not kill the tree, it will kill the new branches and therefore prevent fruiting. In past winters I have tried a variety of ways to cover them, including loose leaves, bagged leaves and tarps (see previous post,) all very time consuming and messy. I asked my husband if he could build a simple frame (thinking PVC) that I could drape in plastic. This is his version of simple!


After trimming the trees, he wrapped the frame in plastic and and covered it with a tarp.


By the way, I decided to try wrapping the strawberry tower in a Garden Quilt from Gardener’s Supply.

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