Behind the Fence

Thursday, October 10, 2013


I have adopted an Iris Bed at the University of Kentucky Demonstration and Trial Garden. The original iris bed was planted by Master Gardener, Dennis Dreyer, several years ago. Dennis is no longer active in the Purchase Area Master Gardener Association and the bed had been pretty well neglected.

May 2013
I cleared it totally of weeds and old iris rhizomes, added some compost and replanted. Dennis is an avid iris lover and cultivates several hundred varieties at his home in Western Kentucky. He graciously offered some of his prize irises when he divided them last August. I also added a few from my collection.
October 2013
With above average rainfall this summer, it has been a challenge to stay ahead of the weeds. This week I spent a couple of hours just digging out wild onions.
Hopefully Dennis’ generosity and my diligent weeding, the garden will boast a lovely iris bed in the spring

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

To Straw or Not to Straw

Today I trimmed the “ugliess” from the strawberry tower, filled in the washed-away areas in the soil with compost, sprinkled slug bait and planted the runners.

Now I must decide, do I cover the tower with straw as usual or do I wrap it in a frost blanket.

The straw works well but is a real mess to remove in the spring. Would the blanket work just as well?  I would love your opinion, please comment.