Behind the Fence

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Yesterday,  the Perennial Garden Club visited the potager. After a brief talk about the potager style and the transformation of our backyard into a garden, here is a little of what they saw.


Peggy Martin put on her best show to greet them.

The tour begins in the cutting/butterfly garden.

I was in hopes someone would take my offer of red or rust colored mums. I really need to get these divided.

On to the Potager

A bed of Tennis Ball lettuce (an heirloom from the garden at Monticello) planted with beets.

Lots of garden thyme,  a bed of Early Italian garlic and a bay tree.


Sun Sugar tomatoes and Ozark strawberries (actually after taking the photo last evening, we ate the ripe berries for supper.)

The fig tree experiment. The one on the left (Alma) was wintered over behind the greenhouse in a wire cage, stuffed with leaves. It looks healthy but no signs of figs yet. The one on the right (Lemon Fig) wintered over in the greenhouse. It has multiple little figs starting to bud.

The one below (Lemon) is planted in the ground. It was protected during the winter with a cage filled with leaves. The leaves were removed about a week ago. It would be doing much better had I removed the leaves about a month earlier. 

The trees are getting  too large to move into the small greenhouse in the winter, thus the reason for the experiment.

To the right is the give-away plants. Still left are a couple of rosemary plants, one red mum and an orange geranium.                         
Now that show and tell is over, I must get busy increasing food production!


  1. Chris, your photos depict such a beautiful garden!

    Sue G.

  2. I just read this blog today--July 5. I was at the Perennial gardeners meeting. I loved your beautiful potager! I have ordered myself a Peggy Martin--can't wait for it to really get started. I admire your persistence and hard work to transform you backyard into such a beautiful and interesting garden. Keep the blogs coming.