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Friday, May 30, 2014

Show off!

Peggy Martin came out to welcome the Happy Hendron Homemakers Club to the potager on May 20. As always she made quite a statement! And of course there is the expected question; “What kind of fertilizer do you use?” The answer is none. If I don’t forget, I put compost around the base in the fall but that is one only care I give her. That is except for extreme pruning several times a year.
She is quite aggressive! To learn more about Peggy Martin and her heart warming story, click here.
If I promised you a cutting from my Peggy Martin rose and you have not picked it up, please let me know. I have two.

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  1. Those roses are so beautiful! Cool story, too. If you end up with an extra one from the two you have, I would love one!