Behind the Fence

Behind the Fence

End of Week 4

The clean up is completed. I have decided against using black plastic after reading rain water can collect underneath and it can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Instead, in the fall I will put down a thick layer of newspaper with which I will cover with about 5-inches of leaves. I have no problem driving down the street and gathering bags from the neighbors; have done it before.

Play time continues; I have recently discovered soda can art and made some flowers as well as some butterflies.

 Directions for making the butterflies can be found on my crafting blog, Crafting from the Underground.

Directions for soda can flowers can be found on pinterest as well as in a Google search.

I don't like the blue fower, any suggestions for making it more appealing?

The Golden Egg is a painted gourd egg I grew last year.

HR still hasn't a clue! I am so pleased with this project that it is hard to not show him!

End of Week 3

Here we are at the end of Week 3 of the Behind the Fence project. HR still hasn't a clue!

Thursday I had to quit early to mow and keep an appointment; while I was putting away my tools, the city mowing crew showed to do some trimming in the alley. When I returned from the eye-doctor, this is what I found!

They had picked up all my debris, removed some stumps and had cut back the area I had not yet reached. I should be able to finish the clean-up on Monday!

I total agree with the “no play until your work is done” discipline (for a 12 year-old). When one gets to my
age, well if I wait until the work is done I may never get to play! Not taking any chances, I play a little as I work!

July 16

Can you keep a secret? It is one of those dirty secrets that no one but your best friend knows about; you know the kind you keep behind closed doors or in the basement. Mine is behind the garden fence. It is bad! We have lived here for nine years and have mostly avoided looking behind the fence (because we knew it was bad.) A couple of weeks ago, I took a peak; yikes! Weeds, vines (including poison ivy), little trees; oh my, it really is bad!

Okay, I can tackle this. With long gloves, pruners, loppers, long blade shears, and yes, weed killer, I get started. This will take a while, probably all summer.

The worst part is the young mother across the alley extended a pleasantry to which I replied, “I am sorry you have had to look at this. I am determined to get it cleaned up.” Her gracious reply had something to do with it being a breeding place for mosquitoes. I know this! I hope she doesn't know I am a Master Gardener! Was she living there the summer I passed out information about standing water being a breeding mecca for mosquitoes? Okay, now I really do have to be responsible and get it cleaned up!

But that is not the only secret here. I haven’t told Handy Randy what I am doing! You see, he really is a great guy, but not terribly observant. Just make sure he has clean underwear, his chocolate chip/peanut butter cookies are in the freezer and return his tools to where I found them and he is good. I am curious as to how long it will take him to notice. I have sworn the neighbors to secrecy! I will keep you posted on the progress, but, please, if you see HR, don’t tell!

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