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Monday, March 31, 2014

I thought it was a good deal……..

I read about Garden Alive seed mats for Square Foot Gardens in a local newspaper column. For $3.75 I could get a mat already seeded, just lay it on top of the soil and water. I went to the web site and placed an order for a lettuce mix and spinach. While I waited for the seed mats to arrive, I prepared a couple of 4-ft. square raised beds, adding plenty of compost.
In just a few days I had my seed mats.
I read the directions on the package and headed to the potager. When I opened the package, what a surprise! Yes, in each package I had a square of seeds already planted, but it was 1-ft squares, not the 4 ft. I expected! No, I was not misled. As typical for me, I read what I wanted to read. So, while this is a handy way to plant, it is pretty costly, about $15 to plant a bed of lettuce. Do you know how many lettuce seeds you can get for $15? Thousands!
I have plenty of lettuce and spinach seeds left over from last season, so I totally out of luck!

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