Behind the Fence

Sunday, March 24, 2013

March Madness in the Potager

Open greenhouse; close greenhouse. Plug in heat mats; unplug heat mats. Move plants in; move plants out. Open cold frame; close cold frame …..madness indeed!

These little seedlings are begging to be put in larger pots, but space for the large pots is an issue.  The greenhouse is full

as is the cold frame.

So do you think Mother Nature is taking pleasure in teasing us by giving us those warm spring days early in the month and then jolting us back to reality with sub-freezing temperatures and snow? I have this image of her chuckling while I move plants and open doors! That’s not nice, Mother Nature!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Getting Ready for the Show

Friday I took a stroll around the garden to see what all needed to be done before the garden tour on Mother’s Day. It looked pretty daunting.

After spending most of Saturday cleaning off beds, I am more optimistic the garden will be ready for the Art in the Garden tour and art show/sale.

Art in the Garden is an event for me to celebrate the gift of my son, remember his service to our country with his work in the United States Air Force and to honor his mission of education by supporting the J. Darin Loftis Memorial Scholarship Fund. You can learn more about the garden tour and art exhibit by visiting the Art in the Garden Blog. To know more about the scholarship and his military service, visit the J. Darin Loftis Memorial Scholarship Blog.


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Waking Up

Yesterday I walked around the potager, noticing it is coming out of hibernation.

Parsley and Cilantro look lush.


In the Cold Frame

The carrots and spinach could use a drink of compost tea,
as could the beets and Tennis Ball letuce under the winter hoop.
Not much happening with the winter sowing experiment.
There is a lot of vermicompost to harvest and add to the compost bin.

The Peggy Martin rose cuttings look very nice. If any of you reading my blog asked for a cutting, please let me know before I offer them for sale at the Mother’s Day gardening event. Oh my, that is only 9 weeks from now! Can I possibly have the garden ready for guest? I best get my overalls on and get to work!