Behind the Fence

Monday, March 31, 2014

I thought it was a good deal……..

I read about Garden Alive seed mats for Square Foot Gardens in a local newspaper column. For $3.75 I could get a mat already seeded, just lay it on top of the soil and water. I went to the web site and placed an order for a lettuce mix and spinach. While I waited for the seed mats to arrive, I prepared a couple of 4-ft. square raised beds, adding plenty of compost.
In just a few days I had my seed mats.
I read the directions on the package and headed to the potager. When I opened the package, what a surprise! Yes, in each package I had a square of seeds already planted, but it was 1-ft squares, not the 4 ft. I expected! No, I was not misled. As typical for me, I read what I wanted to read. So, while this is a handy way to plant, it is pretty costly, about $15 to plant a bed of lettuce. Do you know how many lettuce seeds you can get for $15? Thousands!
I have plenty of lettuce and spinach seeds left over from last season, so I totally out of luck!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Taking a Break on I-65


Located just off  I-65, near Jemison, Alabama,(about 20 miles north of Montgomery) Petals from the Past is roughly half way between our home in Paducah and our daughter-in-law/granddaughters’ home in the Florida Panhandle, making it a fun and convenient place to take a break. I look forward to browsing the gift shop and always come away with a treasure.

The fairy garden corner has expanded since my last visit.

Most everyone, especially gardeners, are looking forward to spring and warmer weather. For most of us it is a matter of simply being tired of the cold, snow and ice. Not so for the folks making a living in the growing business. Last Friday I caught up with owner, Jason Powell, and realized just how much time and effort it takes to keep up with Mother Nature. Jason and his crew have been moving, covering and uncovering plants for weeks as the temperature warms and cools. From the looks of the nursery, they have kept up. Although they are about 3 weeks behind their usual schedule, everything looked alive and healthy.

They have a large selection of old as well as found roses. To survive through the years, these roses have to be hardy and pretty much care free. Remember Peggy Martin’s story?  I have bought roses from Jason in the past and have not been disappointed. I had to restrain myself this visit as I am totally out of garden space.
When you find yourself traveling down I-65, take a minute hour and stop in; I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

See who followed me home!

There is no sign for the nursery, click here for directions or put their address in your GPS 
Petals From the Past, 16034 County Road 29, Jemison, AL 35085

Saturday, March 8, 2014

She is Waking Up!

After a long…………winter’s nap, the potager is trying to wake!

Yesterday she was still covered in snow, but with the 50 degree temperature, things were beginning to thaw. It sounds like that trend will continue.