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Thursday, December 20, 2012


Last week a friend asked what I had covered in the garden. I thought about that yesterday as I finally got the strawberry towered covered with straw before this week’s predicted temperature drop into the low 20’s.

Ready for winter.
What will you find under these covers?

Lettuce, spinach and beets
and of course, arugula.

In the cold frame you will find............

more spinach, carrots, parsley, cilantro and a few strawberry plants. There will be
spinach for picking for a family dinner on Saturday, but the carrots won't be ready until
spring. Notice the black jugs, they are filled with water and will hold heat from the
daytime sun.
This seemed like a good way to protect the fig trees; however today's 40-50 mph wind gust
put the tarp right on the ground. Hopefully the trees will survive tonight's freeze and my
engineer (aka husband) will find another solution for protecting this year's growth so we will have figs next

Under this contraption is a 4 foot plus rosemary tree
I bought as a 12-18 inch plant at the Mayfair plant sale in
2007. It would probably survice the winter, but I don't want to
 take the chance. So far it has survived today's high winds.

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