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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Love Fall Gardening

I love fall gardening! We had salad from the garden for dinner this evening.

Nice variety of lettuce

mixed with arugula and
a few lingering Sun Sugar tomatoes from my dad's plant.
Topped off with goat cheese and a lime infused olive oil balsalmic vinegar dressing.

Additional lettuce and arugula are up in the raised beds as well as beets and spinach. They will be covered with a fabric tunnel when the temperature drops. More spinach is up in the cold frame. I also planted carrots in the cold frame, but it may have been too late so there is a good chance they will not grow.
I am inspired with Eliot Coleman of Four Season Farm and author of  Four-Season Harvest book. He gardens in Maine and has fresh greens all winter. And that is without supplementary heat!

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