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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Can I toss that?

Can I toss this? A question often asked around our house. Usually the answer is “no,” it can be composted. Cereal boxes, egg shells, dryer lint, newspaper, coffee grounds and, of course, kitchen scraps. (I don’t have a garbage disposal in my kitchen, don’t need one.) My neighbors no longer raise their eyebrows when I take the pick-up down the street and load up their bagged leaves. So far I have been able to restrain myself from asking for kitchen scraps at dinner parties, but have been known to collect coffee grounds and tea bags at church suppers.

You may wonder if compost is really worth all that effort. Does “black gold” resonate? With black gold I rarely need to use extra fertilizer. Last fall a gourd plant evolved from the compost pile. I elected to let it go. When it reached about 20 feet, I had to trim it to keep it from engulfing the entire garden. It produced about 15 gourds without any fertilizer. I have two bins and a tumbler and still can’t generate enough compost for my small garden. So, yes, I do think it is worthwhile.

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  1. I found you!! I have three potato plants and some sort of melon growing in my compost heap. We think it must be cantelope.

    Thanks so much for the classes on papier mache', we have enjoyed them so much and now we have a new craft to add to our long list of crafty things.