Behind the Fence

Monday, April 19, 2010

Art in the Garden

My friend, Jana's raised bed.


  1. Any color'll do when there isn't much to look at!

  2. Thanks for posting my photo, Chris! I have to agree with Jim/ArtofGardening...I'll have something fun to look at until I have something fun to eat!!

  3. How very very cute! Did you put some kind of protective coat on the painted surface???

  4. Hey Steph...I've not sealed the artwork yet, as I am still tweaking a bit and have another side of the box to finish painting. Right now, I cover just the sides with plastic to protect against the elements (rain won't really affect it once it's dry, but the sun will fade the colors.) When it's finished, I'll use a satin polyurethane seal (Tree House Studio makes a good one). I'll post full photos, etc. once it's complete on my blog

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