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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Rose Propagation Tip

I know, I said this blog was in hibernation, but I did want to share this tip. On an unusual mild day in Paducah this week, I puttered a bit the yard; I was really excited to see these rose cuttings have rooted.
Knock-Out Rose

Peggy Martin

I learned this technique while volunteering with Superior Blooms Garden Club in a local nursing home. One of the ladies said, to take a cutting in the fall, stick it in the ground, cover it with a Mason jar and leave it alone. In the spring I would have a rose bush. I tried it last year and it worked. I am doing it again this year. I don’t have Mason jars so I improvised.

Using this technique, I started this Knock-Out Rose in the fall of 2012.

I have a few starts in the greenhouse. They are rooting but not as well as the ones in the ground.

Back to hibernation until I have something else I want to share.

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