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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Late Summer in the Potager

Overgrown mess!

Late summer in the garden is usually not an especially pretty time. The plants are overgrown, overstressed and are showing the end of life. The flowers have faded and the lovely vegetables have been consumed.
But there is a redeeming element, the garden is alive with activity and color as the butterflies emerge and the hummingbirds migrate.

Happy to share the figs!


Recently I heard Eileen Dubois-Grey speak on creating a National Wildlife Habitat; I realized I probably have most of the elements to certify my garden.

                          Water Source         


and a place to raise their young.
I have a mature tree and some host plants, but would probably need nesting boxes and maybe some shrubs.

Can a potager also be a Certified Wildlife Habitat? I don’t know, but I just may have to find out. It would be pretty cool to have this sign in my garden!

Click on the sign to learn how to create a Certified Wildlife habitat.

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