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Friday, January 13, 2012

Gardening in 2012

 The holidays have come and gone, decorations put away (well almost,) and garden catalogs are arriving daily. Time to think gardening!

Having taken the Master Gardeners class this past fall I need to complete 30 hours of volunteer work to receive my certificate. Since I am spending an extraordinary amount of time with my dad at Superior Care Nursing Home, creating a patio garden with and for the residents seemed to fit the ticket. Alas, Superior Blooms Garden Club was born.

Wow! What a surprise show of enthusiasm from the staff, residents and their families as well as the community. Activity directors, Erin and Brenda as well as other staff eagerly took the residents to the patio this past fall to watch as lettuce seeds germinated and pansies bloomed. Resident’s family members have volunteered to help with projects.

An artist from Wilmington, N.C., Calvin Doss, donated this pretty little sign. The Perennial Garden Club assisted the residents in making Christmas arrangements from live greenery and plan to join us next month as the residents start seedlings. Melody Rose, writer and administrator for the popular web site, Dave’s Garden, spoke at the January meeting on ways to incorporate container gardening on the patio that has little sun. Her “we can make this happen” attitude is very motivating and we are looking forward to her continued support as an advisor. And what do the residents think, the look on their faces as they remember their past gardens and speak of plans for the patio says it all. Unfortunately, due to privacy rules, I cannot post their pictures. (But you can “friend” Superior Care on Facebook to see some really beautiful photos.)
Fall kale in patio planter

Superior Blooms will be a focus of my gardening in 2012. I am looking forward to learning from other Master Gardeners and from Melody on ways to garden in a small, somewhat shady space. But most of all I am looking forward to helping residents, and especially my dad, rediscover their passion for gardening.

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  1. This is very moving, Chris. What a lovely use of your talent and passion. I remember when Mother was out at Kevil at New Haven, (assisted living facility), they had a lovely area in the back that the residents could enjoy. They had a fishpond and pretty blooming plantings. And they had a little porch with rocking chairs for everyone to enjoy. I think it is even more important for residents in a more confined situation. You are a wonderful daughter and friend to the elderly. As it won't let me sign my name only. I will do so here and then click on anonymous to simplify. EJ