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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Savannah Botanical Garden

One of my favorite things to do when traveling is to seek out botanical gardens and garden shops. Accompanying my husband on a business trip to Savannah this week I found the Savannah Area Council of Garden Clubs, Inc. Botanical Garden. It was certainly worth the bit of adventure to find it.

Checking with the concierge at the Hyatt, I was told I could take bus #28, get off at Waters and Eisenhower, the garden would be a short distance down Eisenhower. I made my way over to the bus stop in front of the Panera coffee shop. The bus driver confirmed #28 would take me to Eisenhower but it would be quite a walk to the botanical garden. Being a walker with a decent fitness level, that wasn’t a deterrent. What the concierge and bus driver neglected to tell me, there is not a side walk along Eisenhower (at least not on the side of the busy highway I needed to be on.) The seven blocks was nicely mowed grass and not a bad walk.

Arriving at the garden I was greeted by a friendly feline, no one else was around. The gates were open so I strolled along the paths, enjoying the beautiful roses. Before long I was joined in the garden with Harry Howard, president of the Savannah Rose Society and a volunteer at the garden. Mr. Howard, an ARS (American Rose Society) Certified Consulting Rosarian, is responsible for several rose gardens in the Savannah area. I felt quite fortunate to have an opportunity to converse with him. He inspired me to try to find a spot in my garden for Louise Estes which recently won Queen of the Show in Atlanta recently.

Being a truly southern gentleman, Mr. Howard gave me a ride back to the bus stop.


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